Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mario Kart birthday party!

My oldest is 7!! Every time I look at him I melt....he is such a sweet young man. He loves racing, hot wheels, NASCAR, Mario Kart, ANYTHING that has to do with racing. So each year we basically repeat the same theme and I was grasping for new ideas this year ;). Thank heavens Mario Kart has super adorable "weapons" so I ran with the idea to incorporate them.

I found a great template of the Wii remote on a party blog to use as an invite. We folded them up and slipped his invitation inside. He really liked passing these out ;).

I was so excited to find a cookie cutter that makes a track! I had a cloud and star cutter already and used a tiny paintbrush in gel food coloring to paint on the details.
It took a few layers but I was finally able to paint this Mario on a plastic jar that we used for our M&M guessing game.
I have a lot of plaster cast (it's similar to paper mache) and used it to create these little squids "inking" the table. I cut card stock for the tentacles and painted over it all to cover the seams.
Martha Stewart's sugar cookie recipe is always the best!! I use gel food coloring only to get these wonderful colors.
King Boo lanterns- so easy! I drew King Boo with a sharpie on dollar store lanterns (I did his face on both sides because they never stopped turning) and then cut his crown out of gold scrapbook paper. The cake was time consuming but simple. I made drawings of the weapons and then cut them to use as templates. I then cut the fondant using the templates with an x-acto knife. Again, I painted on the smile and eyes with black gel food coloring and a very tiny paint brush.

Making this party was so much fun because of how excited Ryan was about it all. His ideas merged with mine and it turned out really cute! I adore his little friends and he seemed to have the time of his life...which is all I could hope for!

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