Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Adjustable strap- preview for Karin ;)

I always get a smile when I see someone who has a purse of mine wearing it every day- seriously makes me feel so cozy inside! Karin has hers strapped around her little body each day we pick up our kiddos from Kindergarten but it is time for a replacement!

She bought these beautiful fabrics and said I could arrange them however I want (woo hoo!) and I set about making a pattern for her needs. In addition to the three small pockets in the front of the bag I also made an elastic pocket on the back side of the bag. The inside is lined with elastic pockets on both sides.

Karin's current purse has a messenger strap so is hands free but this time we made the strap adjustable so she has the option to make it a shoulder bag or a messenger bag. I loved making these straps!!

Karin- I hope all of the details make it a perfect fit for you!....a good enough fit that you want to use it every day just like your other one ;). You are so sweet!! Xoxoxoxoxo to you!!


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